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What is GARM?

When asked what GARM is, we can simply say it is the CONNECTION between African curators and consumers. Our platform allows anyone to sell their clothes, sneakers, and creations. We have created a marketplace for highly curated, limited edition clothing, accessories, and curations from the most innovative up-and-coming brands and designers. Our carefully selected shop products feature stylish essentials, sneakers, and accessories from start-up and established brands, who are committed to creating exceptional wearables that blend quality with design and functionality.

Our Purpose:

We believe in creating a GARMUNITY that benefits consumers and its curators. We know how searching through endless pages on social media and online stores to find a perfect item of clothing can be time-consuming and frustrating. GARM puts an end to all that trouble by providing an easier way to shop for high-quality, lowkey niche-wear. We have a variety of carefully selected brands from around Africa listed on our site and still growing. Just like what a farmer does by keeping his crop variety high for a healthy crop yield. We bring together independent designers who are constantly creating something new and disruptive. Allowing more choices for our users and helping them discover great brands.

As a start-up, we know how hard it can be to grow your business. As a result, we focus on helping brands get the recognition they deserve. Through our simple sign-up process, clothing brands can sell their products through GARM. We pride ourselves on CONVENIENCE: All a brand has to do is create and design its products and GARM handles the rest!

What is garm? GARM is a platform that allows fashion enthusiasts to shop from a variety of African streetwear clothing brands all through a single platform.


Our vision at GARM is to become the leading e-commerce platform for apparel whilst contributing to economic equality by creating entrepreneurship opportunities for start-up brands. We aim to create value for our consumers and our GARMEMBERS.

We want GARM to be more than just a marketplace where brands can sell their creations – GARM has the vision to become a resource for anyone that wants to start their own brand or business. Our platform will be used as a roadmap to grow your brand by providing insights of the fashion and streetwear industry, marketing tips and tricks, learning resources, and topical news. All which can aid you in starting your own business.


GARM offers a unique fashion experience which creates value for both consumers and young entrepreneurs, by providing a variety of apparel that ensure your combos are communicating. We believe in COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION which is why our platform aims to bring brands together. Rather than competing with one another, brands have the ability to work together to grow on a global scale and collectively compete against internationally established streetwear brands.


GARM prides itself on its core values: Customer Experience, Client Value Creation, Convenience, Constant Improvement, Collaboration and Partnership, and Diversity.

Model wearing a product from a brand who sells its products on GARM
Model The "Fuck You" T-shirt made by Rockstar Apparel, a start-up brand on GARM, was a top