Purpose to the WRLD White Tee


Shop the Purpose to the WRLD White Tee: a fashion-forward, purpose-driven statement. Join the movement with this bold, slightly cropped design.

Introducing the freshest drop from Purpose Apparel – the “Purpose to the WRLD White Tee.” This isn’t just any white tee; it’s your new statement piece, a canvas where comfort meets a bold declaration. Designed for the trailblazers and the trendsetters, this slightly cropped masterpiece marries sleek simplicity with a profound message. The standout “WRLD” print isn’t just fashion; it’s a call to arms, a reminder that style with a purpose goes beyond the fabric.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this tee ensures you don’t just wear a brand; you represent a movement. The Purpose to the WRLD White Tee is more than clothing; it’s an identity. It’s for those who dress with intention, whose fashion choices speak volumes about their worldview. With its clean white design and impactful message, this tee is a staple piece that shouts “fashion-forward” and “purpose-driven” in equal measure.

Join the Purpose movement today. Rock this tee and carry the WRLD on your shoulders – stylishly, of course. This is not just fashion; it’s fashion with a mission. Be part of something bigger. Let’s take the Purpose to the WRLD.


S, M, L, XL


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